Maximize Your Digital Media Performance.

Are you looking to supercharge your digital media campaigns, maximize ROI, and achieve peak performance? Look no further! At B3 Media Optimization & Management, we specialize in optimizing and managing your digital media assets for exceptional results.

A Complete Digital Marketing Team

What We Offer

  • Optimization Excellence
    Experience unparalleled optimization techniques that enhance the performance of your digital media campaigns.
  • Data Driven Management
    We employ data-driven insights and real-time monitoring to manage and fine-tune your digital media assets.
  • Media Planning & Management
    Our expert team will handle every aspect of media planning, buying, and management to ensure your campaigns shine.
  • Campaign Efficiency
    We’ll streamline your campaigns for efficiency and effectiveness, driving maximum engagement and conversions.

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Ready to uncover the unique blend of expertise and innovation that sets B3 Media Consulting apart? Get to know us better and discover the transformative solutions we bring to the table to ensure your business succeeds in data. 

Bryan Ruiz

Marketing Strategy

Danielle Filipponi

Account Management

Scott Brockman

Data & Analytics

Case Study

“B3 is the ultimate professional. Their depth and understanding of their industry exceed anyone I’ve ever worked with in their field. We’ve worked together on all forms of Google Ads, including search, display, and remarketing, as well as consulting on e-commerce, landing page design and optimization, and Google Analytics. B3 is a problem solver and takes immediate action to resolve or learn whatever is needed to improve their work. I work with many different people for my business, and B3 is definitely a rare breed. We are lucky to have been introduced to them and would recommend their work to anyone that is interested!”

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