Surpassing 5K Subscribers in Less Than 3 Months





Thomas Cole is a talented pop musician aspiring to make a significant impact in the music industry. Recognizing the power of YouTube as a platform to connect with a global audience, Thomas enlisted the expertise of B3, a results-oriented digital marketing agency, to develop an all-encompassing YouTube content strategy.


Thomas Cole’s primary objective was to establish a strong presence on YouTube, building a loyal fan base, and increasing brand recognition. The key targets were to achieve rapid channel growth, increase subscribers from 200 to over 5,000 in under three months, and implement content strategies that would resonate with his target audience.


  1. Comprehensive Channel Audit: B3 conducted a comprehensive audit of Thomas Cole’s YouTube channel to identify areas of improvement and uncover potential opportunities for growth. This analysis provided valuable insights to inform the content strategy.

  2. Full Funnel Content Strategy Development: We devised a tailored full-funnel content strategy that included various types of content, such as music videos, vlogs, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive interviews. This strategy aimed to engage viewers at different stages of their journey, from discovering Thomas Cole to becoming loyal fans.

  3. Episodic Programs: B3 created and implemented episodic programs to foster viewer loyalty and anticipation. Weekly series and regular content releases became a focal point in the content calendar, ensuring consistent engagement with Thomas Cole’s growing audience.

  4. Channel Optimization and Best Practices: Our team optimized Thomas Cole’s YouTube channel to align with best practices, ensuring it was visually appealing, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Strategic use of keywords and metadata optimization improved discoverability, further driving growth.

  5. Promotion and Collaboration: B3 actively promoted Thomas Cole’s content across various social media platforms, leveraging collaborations with influencers and other musicians to expand his reach and attract new subscribers.


  1. Over 5,000 Subscribers in Less Than 3 Months: The full-funnel YouTube content strategy, combined with effective channel optimization and promotion, led to remarkable results. Thomas Cole’s YouTube channel saw exponential growth, surpassing 5,000 subscribers in less than three months from the implementation of the strategy.

  2. Increased Engagement and Watch Time: The episodic programs and engaging content sparked higher viewer interest, resulting in increased watch time and overall engagement. Viewers were spending more time on the channel, indicating stronger connections with Thomas Cole’s music and personality.

  3. Growing Fan Base: The content strategy succeeded in building a growing and dedicated fan base for Thomas Cole. This loyal audience actively engaged with the channel through likes, comments, and shares, further amplifying his presence on YouTube.

  4. Boosted Brand Recognition: The strategic approach to content creation and consistent delivery of engaging videos contributed to heightened brand recognition for Thomas Cole as a promising pop musician. This brand recognition extended beyond YouTube, positively impacting his overall music career.

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