Scott Brockman

Scott Brockman is a seasoned digital marketing leader with over 12 years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans from working within Google to independently consulting for small businesses in his community. With a profound passion for data and analytics, Scott is driven by the belief that utilizing all available points of information is crucial for informed strategy and decision-making. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed the launch of global businesses, including the highly acclaimed HBO Max, while also dedicating his skills to enhancing the digital presence of his family’s Dentistry Practice.

More About Scott

Born and raised in South Florida, his Scottish roots have always held a special place in his heart. This connection led him to explore colder climates, ultimately leading him to pursue his academic journey at Eastern Michigan. He thrived academically and completed his BA in Marketing in just two years, thanks to his analytical mindset and unwavering passion for academia. Scott’s thirst for knowledge and early adoption mentality extend beyond the professional realm and spill over into his personal life. Whether it’s experimenting with different brewing methods for coffee, exploring new wine regions, or fine-tuning his culinary skills, Scott approaches every endeavor with a meticulous and strategic approach to achieve optimal results.

With a deep-seated belief that data and analytics should be accessible to all clients, regardless of their size or industry, Scott brings the same level of passion and enthusiasm to every project. His diverse background and experiences have shaped him into a versatile professional who understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses across different sectors. Scott’s dedication to using data to drive success, coupled with his strategic mindset and continuous improvement philosophy, make him a valuable asset in any digital marketing endeavor.

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