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At B3 Media Consulting, we are committed to leveraging digital expertise to consult on and create integrated marketing for growth minded businesses. 

Our Vision: Integrate simple, straightforward expansion strategies for growing companies

Our Purpose: Close the gap for all companies to reach their target audiences and deliver meaningful results

Our Value: Taking initiative, building inclusiveness and community, developing trust, and maintaining drive



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Introducing Bryan Ruiz, an accomplished marketing and consulting professional with an impressive track record spanning 18 years. With his extensive experience at Google, ESPN, Disney, Sony, and iHeart Radio, Bryan has consistently delivered outstanding results for his clients. He possesses a unique ability to see both the big picture and the importance of key small details, ensuring that every campaign he runs drives impact and achieves the desired outcomes.

Known for her strong senior leadership and exceptional organizational skills, Danielle is an accomplished professional. With over 10 years of experience working at Google, she has demonstrated her expertise in managing digital marketing strategy, brand and performance campaigns, key objective reporting and analysis, and execution across a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 50 companies, local auto businesses, non-profit organizations, and boutique agencies. Her collaborative approach has been instrumental in fostering successful partnerships and driving impactful results.

Scott Brockman is a seasoned digital marketing leader with over 12 years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans from working within Google to independently consulting for small businesses in his community. With a profound passion for data and analytics, Scott is driven by the belief that utilizing all available points of information is crucial for informed strategy and decision-making. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed the launch of global businesses, including the highly acclaimed HBO Max, while also dedicating his skills to enhancing the digital presence of his family’s Dentistry Practice.

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