Client Success Stories

Learn more about our experience with digital marketing and analytics. 

200% Increase in Conversions for Luxury Furniture Company

After implementing the revitalized digital media strategy, Madbury Road experienced a remarkable 200% increase in conversions compared to their previous performance.

Achieving 50% Website Traffic Growth in 30 Days

Sway Outdoor witnessed an impressive website traffic surge, achieving over a 50% increase in website visits compared to the previous period. 

Achieving 75% Growth in Leads in 60 Days

Within the first 60 days of implementing the full-funnel digital strategy, Content Bacon experienced remarkable success, achieving over a 75% increase in warm leads.

Surpassing 5K Subscribers in Less Than 3 Months

Thomas Cole’s YouTube channel saw exponential growth, surpassing 5,000 subscribers in less than three months from the implementation of the strategy.

Data-Driven Strategy - Achieving 35% Business Growth in the First Year

Through the implementation of the data-driven strategy, CheerMixALot achieved remarkable success, witnessing a 35% increase in business growth in the first year.

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