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Sway Outdoor is a prominent national outdoor media firm with an extensive portfolio of high-profile Out-of-Home (OOH) inventory across major markets in the United States. As an industry leader, Sway Outdoor recognized the need to strengthen its online presence to drive online leads and expand its reach in the digital landscape.


Sway Outdoor partnered with B3, a leading digital marketing agency, with the primary objective of launching their brand online and establishing a compelling online presence. The key targets were to drive significant website traffic growth, enhance the brand image through captivating visuals, and create engaging video assets for their landing page.


  1. Comprehensive Website Audit: We conducted a thorough audit of Sway Outdoor’s existing website to identify areas of improvement and ensure an optimal user experience. The findings from this audit formed the basis of our website enhancement strategy.

  2. Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging data from previous campaigns and industry research, we gained valuable insights into Sway Outdoor’s target audience behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach enabled us to tailor our efforts to resonate with the right audience segments.

  3. Website Traffic Growth Strategy: Our team devised a multi-faceted strategy to increase website traffic rapidly in the initial 30 days. This included a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and social media promotions.

  4. Custom Web Page Code: To ensure a seamless and engaging user experience, we created custom code for various web pages. This allowed us to optimize page load times, improve mobile responsiveness, and provide a smooth navigation experience for users.

  5. Visual Branding Enhancement: We worked closely with Sway Outdoor to refine and customize all visual elements for their brand. This included designing eye-catching banners, graphics, and images that reflected their brand identity and resonated with their target audience.

  6. Video Asset Creation: B3’s creative team conceptualized, produced, and edited captivating video assets tailored for Sway Outdoor’s landing page. These videos effectively communicated the unique value proposition of Sway Outdoor’s OOH inventory and its unparalleled reach.


  1. Over 50% Website Traffic Growth: Within the first 30 days of implementing the digital marketing strategy, Sway Outdoor witnessed an impressive website traffic surge, achieving over a 50% increase in website visits compared to the previous period. This significant growth in web traffic expanded their online visibility and potential lead generation.

  2. Improved User Engagement: The custom web page code and enhanced visual elements contributed to improved user engagement metrics. Bounce rates decreased, and the average time users spent on the website increased, indicating a positive user experience.

  3. Enhanced Brand Image: The meticulous customization of images and visual branding elements resulted in a distinct and cohesive brand image for Sway Outdoor. The visually appealing website design fostered a sense of credibility and professionalism among their online audience.

  4. Compelling Video Assets: The engaging video assets created for Sway Outdoor’s landing page proved to be highly effective. Users responded positively to the video content, leading to increased click-through rates and longer page visit durations.

When founding a small business, one of the first tasks to be completed was developing a website. With no graphic design experience, our team looked for external help and Bryan Ruiz became an effective solution to that problem. Bryan’s work developing our website is already making a significant difference to our business. Some of the benefits we’ve seen are increased traffic on our social media accounts, increased new business requests, increased credibility as a new company and the website has also helped further develop our company’s brand. Although there are a number of self-service options out there when it comes to website development, a major benefit to having Bryan was him offering his expertise and ensuring all design and creative decisions ultimately benefitted the business.

Kathy vanderbush

Founder, Sway Outdoor

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