Bryan Ruiz

Introducing Bryan Ruiz, an accomplished marketing and consulting professional with an impressive track record spanning 18 years. With his extensive experience at Google, ESPN, Disney, Sony, and iHeart Radio, Bryan has consistently delivered outstanding results for his clients. He possesses a unique ability to see both the big picture and the importance of key small details, ensuring that every campaign he runs drives impact and achieves the desired outcomes.

Digital Expert

Experience in multiple-platforms' formats, creative and how to connect the dots for marketing objectives.


Experience working with businesses to drive up ROI and maximize reach for their brands.


Bryan also teaches at the university level, which keeps him on top of all industry trends.

More About Bryan

At Google, Bryan leads a team of five innovative minds, constantly pushing the boundaries to create advertising programs that meet customer needs across various platforms and media channels, including YouTube and Google Search. His expertise extends beyond campaign management as he excels in generating compelling content that resonates with target audiences. Bryan’s deep understanding of cross-platform and cross-media dynamics enables him to craft comprehensive strategies that maximize brand exposure and engagement.

What sets Bryan apart is his holistic approach to marketing. While he possesses a keen eye for the overarching strategy, he also appreciates the significance of executing with precision. He knows that success lies in the meticulous alignment of content, messaging, and delivery across multiple channels. By combining his strategic vision with his attention to detail, Bryan consistently achieves remarkable results for his clients, helping them reach their business objectives in a highly competitive landscape.

In addition to his corporate achievements, Bryan’s commitment to personal growth is evident through his adjunct positions at the University of Florida and Rutgers University, where he mentors and shapes the next generation of marketers. This dedication extends to his involvement in the community, where he actively engages as a leader and advocate, serving as the VP of the UF LGBTQ Association and holds a position on the UF Board. Bryan’s ability to drive impact, his cross-platform expertise, and his unwavering focus on generating results make him a highly sought-after professional in the marketing industry.

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