Achieving 75% Growth in Leads in 60 Days





Content Bacon is a leading content agency known for delivering high-quality and engaging content solutions to businesses across various industries. Seeking to expand its client base and generate more leads, Content Bacon partnered with B3, a results-driven digital marketing agency, to develop a comprehensive full-funnel digital strategy.


Content Bacon’s primary objective was to develop an effective digital strategy that would attract and convert potential clients at every stage of the customer journey. The key targets were to achieve substantial growth in warm leads traffic, create compelling digital ad content, and optimize audience data to drive business growth.


  1. Thorough Market Research: B3 conducted extensive market research to identify target audience segments and understand their pain points and preferences. This insight was instrumental in crafting a highly tailored digital strategy.

  2. Full Funnel Strategy Development: We devised a full-funnel digital strategy that addressed potential clients at each stage of the customer journey – awareness, consideration, and conversion. This strategy encompassed Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn Ads to maximize reach and engagement.

  3. Content Optimization and Creation: B3’s team of experts collaborated closely with Content Bacon to develop custom digital ad content. This content was optimized to resonate with the target audience, effectively communicate the agency’s unique value proposition, and drive lead generation.

  4. Data Integration and Utilization: Our team ensured all audience data was seamlessly connected and leveraged to refine targeting and retargeting efforts. This data-driven approach allowed for precise audience segmentation and personalized messaging.

  5. Performance Monitoring and Iterative Improvements: Regular monitoring and analysis of campaign performance enabled us to identify areas of improvement continually. We made data-backed adjustments to optimize conversions and maximize ROI throughout the campaign duration.


  1. Over 75% Growth in Warm Leads Traffic: Within the first 60 days of implementing the full-funnel digital strategy, Content Bacon experienced remarkable success, achieving over a 75% increase in warm leads traffic compared to the previous period. This significant growth in potential clients visiting their website contributed to a substantial increase in lead generation.

  2. Impressive Conversion Rate Increase: The strategic approach to audience targeting and personalized messaging resulted in an impressive conversion rate increase. By delivering the right content to the right audience at the right stage of the customer journey, the number of converted leads witnessed a substantial rise.

  3. Cost-Effective Advertising: Through continuous performance monitoring and optimization, B3 achieved cost-effective advertising for Content Bacon. The refined targeting strategies and ad content optimization led to a reduction in cost per lead and an improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

  4. Enhanced Brand Visibility: The full-funnel digital strategy, coupled with a robust social media presence, heightened Content Bacon’s brand visibility in their target market. This increased brand recognition and trust, leading to a positive impact on lead generation.

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