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Madbury Road is an outdoor furniture company with a dedication to doing business the right way, offering world class customer service, stylish and functional outdoor products built with the highest quality materials, and a shopping experience that you will want to tell your friends about.


Madbury Road partnered with our digital marketing agency with the primary objective of revitalizing their digital media strategy to drive more conversions and improve overall online performance. The key targets were to achieve a significant increase in conversions and establish a robust foundation for data capture and utilization to drive future growth.


  1. Thorough Analysis: We conducted an in-depth analysis of Madbury Road’s existing digital media strategy, website analytics, audience demographics, and competitive landscape to identify potential growth areas and areas of improvement.

  2. Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging data from previous campaigns (Google Search and Facebook), we gained valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach allowed us to create tailored campaigns to better engage with potential customers.

  3. Strategic Campaign Development: We developed targeted and visually compelling ad campaigns tailored for each platform (Google, Facebook, etc.) including Search, Performance Max, Display and Video to optimize audience reach and engagement. These campaigns were designed to showcase Madbury Road’s unique selling points, quality products, and luxurious outdoor experiences.

  4. Conversion Optimization: We implemented advanced conversion tracking mechanisms to measure and analyze user actions on the website. This helped us understand the conversion funnel, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven adjustments to increase overall conversion rates.

  5. Data Capture and Utilization: We set up a robust data capture system, ensuring that valuable user information was collected ethically and in compliance with data privacy regulations. This data was used to create lookalike audiences, tailor retargeting efforts, and inform future marketing strategies.


  1. 200% Increase in Conversions: After implementing the revitalized digital media strategy, Madbury Road experienced a remarkable 200% increase in conversions compared to their previous performance. This impressive growth significantly impacted their revenue and customer acquisition efforts.

  2. Improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The strategic campaign development and data-driven approach resulted in a substantial improvement in ROAS. The optimized ad spend generated more revenue for every dollar invested in digital advertising.

  3. Enhanced Click-Through Rates (CTR): The compelling ad creatives and targeted campaigns led to a notable increase in CTR across various platforms. This higher engagement further boosted brand visibility and website traffic.

  4. Expanded Audience Reach: By utilizing data insights and lookalike audiences, we successfully expanded Madbury Road’s reach to new, relevant potential customers. This widened audience base contributed to sustained growth in conversions and brand awareness.

  5. Solidified Data Foundation: The implementation of advanced data capture mechanisms enabled Madbury Road to build a robust foundation for customer data. This invaluable resource allows them to continually refine their marketing efforts, understand customer preferences, and develop personalized experiences for their audience.

Bryan is the ultimate professional. His depth and understanding of his industry exceed anyone I’ve ever worked with in his field. We’ve worked together on all forms of google ads, including search, display, and remarketing, as well as consulting on e-commerce, landing page design and optimization, and google analytics. Bryan is a problem solver, and takes immediate action to resolve or learn whatever is needed to improve his work. I work with many different people for my business, and Bryan is definitely a rare breed. We are lucky to have been introduced to him and would recommend his work to anyone that is interested!

Brady Bartlett

Founder, Madbury Road

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